What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne paint

What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne paint

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne paint

Advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint

1. Water-based paint USES water as the solvent, which saves a lot of resources and greatly reduces the fire hazard during construction;Pollution to the air is also greatly reduced.A small amount of low toxicity alcohol ether organic solvent was used to improve the working environment.

2, water-based paint on the construction process and material of the surface cleanliness requirements are very high.

3, water-based paint coating tools can be cleaned with water, so as to save the consumption of washing solvent.Water - based paint is particularly adaptable to material surface, coating adhesion is very strong.


Water - based paint for environmental protection

Compare with other kind of coating, water - based paint does not have formaldehyde inside, it is a kind of coating that compares environmental protection.Water-soluble paint is a water-based wood paint with acrylic as the main component. Its main characteristics are good adhesion, will not deepen the color of wood, but poor wear resistance and chemical resistance.Because of its low cost and low technical content, it has become the main product in the current market.The water-dispersing type is a water-based wood paint with acrylic and polyurethane as the main components. Besides adhering to the characteristics of acrylic paint, the water-dispersing type also has the characteristics of strong wear resistance and chemical resistance.

Water - based paint is very convenient to use, not prone to bubbles and other oily paint common problems;Waterborne wood paint has low harm and little pollution.Because it is water-soluble paint, no poison, so environmental protection;Waterborne wood paint does not turn yellow easily and has good water resistance.

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